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Seminar: Rags Amid Riches: Hong Kong’s Forgotten Poor

As part of the WYNG Masters Seminar Series, Mr. Leo F. Goodstadt was invited to share his views on “Rags Amid Riches: Hong Kong’s Forgotten Poor” moderated by Zoher Abdoolcarim, Asia Editor, TIME on 21 March 2013 at Island East.

Registration details on WYNG Masters site

Event photos (Credit: WYNG Foundation)

Media coverage:

22 Mar 2013 Hong Kong Economic Journal page A16 – ‘前中策組首席顧問顧汝德︰愛國主義是惡棍最後避難所‘ and ‘反駁財爺福利負擔論’’

22 Mar 2013 Apple Daily page A10 – ‘顧汝德:愛國不是用口講

22 Mar 2013 South China Morning Post page CITY2 – ‘‘Occupy Central’ plan draws warnings

22 Mar 2013 Hong Kong Daily News page A9 – ‘顧汝德:港人是愛國愛港 港英「魔僧」談普選特首

22 Mar 2013 Housenews – ‘顧汝德:愛國主義是無賴避難所