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4 December, 2013

During an interactive session at Civic Exchange office on 4 December 2013, Mr. Leo F. Goodstadt reflected on how officials have created a ‘new poverty’ in…

14 November, 2013

Mr. Leo F. Goodstadt’s latest book, Poverty in the Midst of Affluence: How Hong Kong Mismanaged its Prosperity, was launched at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club lunch on 14…

29 October, 2013

Mr Leo F. Goodstadt wrote a book on government mismanagement by tracing how officials have created a ‘new poverty’ in Hong Kong and arguing that their…

25 October, 2013

顧汝德狠批特區政府施政失誤,令社會湧現新一代貧窮人口。原刊於2013年10月25日信報A14版。 閱讀全文  

25 October, 2013

顧汝德昨在新書發布會上批評港府過去漠視甚至仇視(hostile)貧窮問題,原刊於2013年10月25日明報A6 版。 閱讀全文

30 September, 2013

顧汝德新書《繁華底下的貧窮》指出,政府施政連番失誤,導致貧窮問題惡化,刊於2013年9月30日蘋果日報A6 版。 閱讀全文

29 September, 2013

顧汝德最近出版新書,狠批特區政府施政失誤,原刊於2013年9月29日明報A8 版。 閱讀全文

28 September, 2013

South China Morning Post interviewed Mr Leo F. Goodstadt about his new book. The article was published on pages A1 and A4 on 28 September…

10 April, 2013

Mr Leo F. Goodstadt spoke at a seminar organized by the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Hong…

22 March, 2013

RTHK’s The Pulse interviewed Mr. Leo F. Goodstadt on his views on poverty in Hong Kong, which was broadcast on 22 March 2013. Watch the…