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21 March, 2013

As part of the WYNG Masters Seminar Series, Mr. Leo F. Goodstadt was invited to share his views on “Rags Amid Riches: Hong Kong’s Forgotten…

20 March, 2013

顧汝德接受報章專訪,指出不必擔心普選會帶來福利社會,刊於2013年3月20日蘋果日報A6 版。 閱讀全文

18 March, 2013

顧汝德接受報章專訪,談及他對香港貧窮問題的看法,刊於2013年3月18日am730 頭版 A2 全頁。 閱讀全文

24 February, 2013

顧汝德接受亞洲週刊二十七卷第八期專訪,評論香港優勢 按此閱讀全文

29 December, 2012

Mr. Leo F. Goodstadt spoke at one of the discussion panels during ‘What’s Next for HK?’  (香港: 向左走,向右走?) Joint Conference, coorganized by the Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and…

29 November, 2012

At a seminar organized by the Department of Public and Social Administration of the City University of Hong Kong, Mr Leo F. Goodstadt shared his thoughts…

6 November, 2012

There is a growing consensus that China’s banking remains woefully dysfunctional despite almost 40 years of reforms. In his keynote session at the Asia-Pacific Fraud Conference,…

4 July, 2012

Mr. Leo F. Goodstadt explained how Hong Kong policy-makers under colonial governance failed to turn the city’s social service system to a modern one at a workshop organized…

26 April, 2012

The HKSAR Government has made a determined effort since 1998 to reduce its commitment to the provision of public housing and social services on grounds…

23 April, 2012

曾蔭權、唐英年、許仕仁……一個個響噹噹的名字像隕石般墜下。優秀的公務員隊伍一直是香港人引以自豪的。究竟整個系統出現了什麼問題?  活動由30會主辦。